Friday, 1 May 2009

Wakey, wakey! (part 3)

19th century gun-boat diplomacy springs to mind!

Yesterday morning Emily had got up with mum anf after a while she started to do the rounds. 

She started with the usual pleasantries (the first diplomatic exchange) - a bit of murmuring and gurgling - the usual "good morning" and "it's time to get up now". I responded with my own brand of murmuring and gurgling. She left.

A few minutes later she returns with a fire engine in hand. I saw this and know that it's not far off half a kilo in weight. She's getting nearer to my head....

Did a quick calculation. Got out of bed straightaway! (To appreciate this calculation read part 1 & part 2.)

This was obviously an escalation (in diplomatic stakes) and I didn't want to call any bluff!

Fire-engine diplomacy! What's next???

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