Friday, 15 May 2009

"Miss Dad" for the day...

Another step into the unknown.

Thursday was the local area nursery day when all the nurseries in the area had a "hat parade" to a local field and a show was put on for all. I was invited (as an "at home" parent) to help keep an eye on the kids - maybe to spot any runaways.

I was happy to go along and get involved - especially as it didn't expect much from me! It was suggested that Alice would have to call me "Fröken Pappa" (Miss Dad) for the day...

The hat parade took us in a snaking slow march to the field where several other nurseries were assembled to see a 2-man band perform a 45minute show. 36 kids from Alice's nursery plus all the other nurseries added up to a lot of children.


The performers had a bubble machine - this was appreciated by the kids. They had a burst at the start of the show. No problems sending a load of bubbles over a crowd of kids when they weren't "warmed up".

The show got the kids more active in all sorts of different action songs. Towards the end of the show they were very "warmed up" and maybe on the limits of their attention spans. 

Then off goes the bubble machine again.

Off go quite a lot of 4, 5 and 6 year-olds - in several directions - trying to catch the bubbles. 

It was like a scene from "The Great Escape" where the prisoners are going in all directions to evade capture. 

In the case of the kids it was more innocent - the wind was swirling the bubbles every which way - into the trees, across fields and into the distance. Lots of frantic shouting from various teachers - children aren't so responsive when their attention span has been stretched. 

I could almost hear the cursing under the breath "who's stupid idea was it to set off the bubble machine now..."

I did my bit - keeping track of the different directions in which the kids were disappearing - rugby tackles from me were not needed....

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