Saturday, 2 May 2009

Tightrope walking at the hairdressers (without a safety net!)

Neanderthal man and the missing link. I needed a haircut. 

It's quite difficult to get a haircut these days when looking after Emily - she's not likely to stay still whilst I'm in the chair and timing my haircut with her sleeping is tricky. So, it has to be a weekend - this makes things only marginally easier - fitting in with Alice's drama class and sweet shopping.

Well, two Sundays ago all the balls fell into place, the planets lined up and there was even the odd 4-leaf clover to be had. Yes, there was a bit of free time for me to get away and have the barnet sorted - a quick trip to my Jordanian hairdresser (hence being open on a Sunday) - especially if I took Alice with me.

Alice was keen to follow along and even have a haircut too. This was a slight complication!

Her last visit to a hairdresser had been nearly a year ago. What was supposed to be a trim turned out to be a WWII German helmet. Not possible to do pig/pony tails. Not a happy bunny.

So, I was under a bit of pressure.... Don't mess it up and don't bring her home in tears! This was going to be a bit of tightrope walking - without a safety net!

When we got there the place was empty and he was talking on the phone. He waved us to sit down.

Alice being observant and curious listened carefully to him on the phone. "Is he speaking Skånska?", "No", "Is it English?", "No", "But it's not Swedish!", "No I think it's Arabic."

I like my hairdresser. We're both immigrants (pseudo-underdogs), we speak Swedish to each other - even though we both speak English better than Swedish. However, there was the problem of avoiding the German helmet!

With the aid of some verbal gymnastics and several hand gestures the requirements were communicated - important that she can still have a pony tail!

Alice kept perfectly still in the chair - aided by sweets from the hairdresser, a Disney smock and maybe a bit of praying from me.

After 10 minutes of careful attention the work was over. The pony tail ability was demonstrated. Alice had a very good frisör (acceptable to Alice and mum!) and I avoid the doghouse  - everyone a winner...

Alice was oblivious to my concerns and only had two things in mind afterwards...
  1. She was very conscious of the hairdo when we were cycling home - and messing about with the helmets - "ooh, mind my frisör" was heard a couple of times!
  2. "We got sweets! Can we have some more?"

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