Monday, 4 May 2009

Storage solutions of the friendly little poltergeist!

The friendly little poltergeist?

Yes, we have the activity constantly going on around the home.

Objects move, contents of boxes are emptied, empty boxes are filled, clothing ends up on the floor, keys go missing and underwear disappears...

This is Emily at work - and she gets very busy with it too! An all-day activity.

A lot of effort goes into this - there is always something to move, whether it's taking a book from a table and placing it in a different room. It might be a sock going walkabout or even a shoe - but never a pair!

This isn't normally a problem - except for when it's needed - usually in a rush before going out!

After some experience I'm now beginning to see things from Emily's perspective.

If my keys go missing I'll now check the contents of the shoes in the hallway. 

If a pair of Alice's underwear goes walkabout then I'll check the toilet bowl - probably still there as Emily can't flush the toilet yet!

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