Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Goodbye April Fool, Hello May Twit

The April fool is gone, welcome the May twit!

We've had a month of Alice's  April fool gags (There's an elephant behind you!) - accompanied by the appropriate rhyme ("April, April, din dumma sil, jag kan lura dig vart jag vill" - "April fool, I can fool you as I like").

This marks an interesting development - recognizing when your leg's being pulled (I get the comment, "pappa, you're joking aren't you?" - usually in response to some exaggerated statement or even some nonsense said with a straight face) and also trying it out yourself.

I think it also demonstrates imagination and inventiveness, maybe sometimes bordering on the bizarre.

Now we're into May. No more April fools rhyme. Or??? 

No, now a new one starts - "Maj, Maj, Måne, Jag kan lura dig till Skåne" - back to that obsession with Skåne! This is really just an alternative to the first rhyme (again only meant for 1st April) - but it looks like this is the May verse now.

I don't think there are any rhymes with June in them...

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