Saturday, 30 May 2009

Multi-tasking breakdown!

I thought I could multi-task but kids have a way of sometimes breaking down those assumptions...

Take a look at these two photos. Let's call them exhibit A and B - on the left and right respectively.

Exhibit A is a bottle of shower gel and a some moisturising lotion. Exhibit B is a Pippi Lånstrump (Longstocking) doll.

Yesterday was like any other school day around breakfast - trying to fit in the odd chore whilst ensuring all are getting fed, dressed and generally being happy. So, when Alice and Emily settled down to watch a little children's TV I decided to nip in for a quick shower.

Just after getting into the shower Emily comes into the bathroom to check what's going on. She has the doll, holding it out and gesturing. This is a request/demand. It means she wants a song. So I give a couple of verses of pippi långstrump whilst getting the shower gel.

Multi-tasking breakdown!

After giving the song a couple of times Emily wants more. But then I realise that I'm not getting the usual soapy lather from the shower gel -> Exhibit A. Yes, of course I've somehow picked up the moisturising lotion during the singing and rubbed copious amounts into my hair!

This reminds me of a story when I was supposed to give Alice a bath before they were having their photo taken at nursery. For one reason or another the shampoo got missed and the hair washing was done with the bath water - which contained baby oil. So the photos that year were with lank and greasy hair. Good photos, although I was taken off pre-photo bathtime duty the year after!

So then I was trying to wash the moisturising lotion out of my hair. Emily had grown impatient with the pause... I caught her with the toilet lid open and Pippi about to be dropped into the bowl - I don't know if this was a threat or just some opportunist behaviour. My semi-shriek saved the day and I continued the singing whilst trying to get the moisturiser out of my hair.

Multi-tasker again!

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