Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Hurt feelings of the un-hugged child?

Amateur psycho-analysis on 4 yr olds doesn't work!

What happens when you break a promise? No matter how innocently done - even if you didn't make the promise - it was made on your behalf by your daughter? 

Does that count that you broke a promise you didn't make? Of course it does!

Alice's friend didn't get a hug on Friday (see "You can hug my dad on Friday"). It wasn't my fault - but I don't think that will stand up in child court guv...

This was complicated by the fact that a different friend of Alice gave me a hug the week after whilst I was saying goodbye to Alice. Freaked-out! What if the first friend saw that?

I had this foreboding that once either Alice, friend or both remember this then one of several things will happen. 
  1. They'll laugh it off and say I'm "snurrig i huvudet" ("messed-up in the head"), 
  2. They'll think I'm mean, or 
  3. Things move on and it's not relevant anymore.

Well, for a combination of reasons I didn't see the first friend for most of the following week - bad timing and chickenpox (see later post). By then, I was obviously the only one remembering this....

All this analysis... I felt bad because the friend's dad wasn't around - he was "away with the elephants" - hence the reason for wanting the hug.

Conclusion: Don't over-analyse - at this age it's nearly always option (1) or (3)!

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