Monday, 11 May 2009

Double decker tripping

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Transport Paella

A couple of weeks ago we had a full day out - drama school, lunch, ferry, museum, shopping and restaurant. 

The museum was the spårvägmuseet (Transport and Toy Museum.)  Everyone in the family had been here before - except me - it was a first for me.

Hot sunny day outside; cool and quiet inside. Very nice for a break (fika.) But first I had a go on the miniture railway - actually a miniture tunnelbana (underground) - with Alice. As the place was so empty we had the trip to ourselves.

Alice had been on the thing many times and so I got a running commentary from Alice on what to see and look out for. "Oh, there's a man that's fallen onto the tracks..."

The really interesting part though was after coming out of the museum. We were comtemplating how to get to a different part of Södermalm - which bus to get and when - when up pulled an old bus (maybe not so surprising outside a tram & bus museum.) Well, let's ask the driver if he knows the best way to Slussen.

Hey presto, he was going there. 

The only problem was this was a bus from the 60's and we had a modern pram that was designed for modern buses (or vice-versa). So we crammed the pram between the gangway after the back door - blocking off access to the back of the bus (luckily no-one was there) - and upstairs we went. Even better it was free.

Top floor at a Leyland Atlantean in Stockholm ...Image via Wikipedia

What's so special about a double-decker bus?

Well, they haven't run in Stockholm since 1976 - so it's a very odd sight - so for a bus to pull up just as we come out of the museum and to be heading to our destination was a bit of luck. 

For me it was a bit nostalgic as it was just like the buses I remember from the 70's - before they got modern...

We sat upstairs at the back window (the front upstairs seats were occupied) and waved at passers-by (who were waving back at this unusual sight - both the bus and enthusiastic wavers!)

For the bus-nerds in the audience it was a Leyland Atlantean from 1967....

Favourite Toy

The toy part of the museum was filled with very old toys - old dolls houses, teddy bears, train sets, tin soldiers etc. 

Alice's favourite toy in  the museum was a Nintendo - probably because it was the only one that was touchable!
Emily's favourite toy was a crayon - probably because she could eat it!

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