Friday, 8 May 2009

Wakey, wakey! (part 4)

Sometimes getting Alice out of bed is a real struggle. The other day Emily stepped in to help out...

Emily climbs onto Alice's bed - no mean achievement climbing onto a full-size bed.

First she begins with a bit of gentle trampling... No response.

Emily then limbers up with her WWF manoeuvres - this seems like fun (for Emily) - moving round the bed stumbling over legs and body. No real response.

The bookshelf above the bed now looks interesting. Assorted books start coming down onto the bed. Finally she finds something she'd like to look at more closely - a toy make-up set. But then back to the task in hand...

The exercise is finished by sitting on Alice's head. It's the full-nappy effect again. Alice is up and awake, if a little bit grumpy...

Have a nice weekend!

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