Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Chickenpox time!

Couple of weeks ago. After nearly two weeks of waiting it arrived. First we noticed the outbreak on Emily, then Alice.

We stocked up on films, ice cream and all types of anti-itching lotions for the duration.

I was under orders from Alice that there's to be no tickling until she's better...

Many different lotions were tried (some quackier than others - potato flour?)

The actual week and a bit of illness was a tough one for all - but especially for the kids.

Alice got it pretty bad - and suffered from a couple of days of high fever. On her return to nursery the teachers said she was the worst case they'd seen in all their years...

Well, at least that illness is out of the way now and luckily they both got it at the same time.

I'm still under tickling quarantine though...

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