Thursday, 23 April 2009

"You can hug my dad on Friday!"

Ever felt like a pawn in a chess game well above you're league? This is the day I got an interesting insight into some child mentality...

Monday 20 April

I'm at dagis about to say my goodbyes to Alice for the day, when her friend asks if she can have a hug too. "No," says Alice. 

After a bit of verbal to 'n' fro the friend is sobbing inconsolebly to a teacher, Alice is happily playing and I leave (helplessly.) There was no gloating or malice in any of this - everything was just black and white.

Tuesday 21 April

Again goodbye hug to Alice. Friend steps in and asks Alice (not me!) if she can have a hug from me. "No," comes the reply. 

Friend (on the verge of tears) quite reasonably asks when she can have a hug from me. "On Friday." 

Friend walks away happily playing with Alice (satisfied with her answer), Pappa (me) walks away bemused.

Wednesday 22 April

On our way to dagis Alice reminds me that I can hug her friend on Friday. I still haven't worked out what my part in the deal is - except to dish out a hug on demand. I'm beginning to get the idea what cattle being herded must feel like.

Who knows what's in store on Friday? I wonder how many deals there are that I don't know about.


  1. Ok now I have found the buttons to press to give a comment: I miss Buffy and Numbers on your profile.

  2. Don't do it mista. As soon as you hug that little girl you'll have a 20 stone swedish nursery teacher wearing a blue gingham shirt and jeans pulled up way too high, jump on you in a Giant Haystacks wrestling manoeuvre until the Police arrive to drag you off the the local correction facility :-)