Sunday, 7 June 2009

Falling off the tightrope...

Haircut time again. I knew this as I'd been reminded that I needed a haircut. "Do I?" Well, Alice needs one so can you go and have one and take her as well...

Buoyed-up by my previous success, I thought "no problemo". So onto the bike we hopped and set off into town. We made a detour to vote at the euro elections and then found a steep hill we could cycle down - as Alice likes the speed!

When we got to the hairdressers they were closed :-(

As Alice wanted the loo we popped over the road into a shopping centre. There we also found a very good children's clothes shop - where we picked out a few things and Alice tried them on - in a changing room with 2 draw-round curtains that didn't meet in the middle!

Anyway, we were both happy with the result but Alice still wanted to get her hair cut.

So, off we went to see if they had just been shut for lunch. Result! They were open. I went first then followed by Alice. I gave the instructions that it just needed a small trim all over - we agreed on 1cm - and off the fellow set to work.

All happy with the result, off we went to meet mum and Emily.

a 1942 German helmetImage via Wikipedia

Mum wasn't happy - so I took a closer look and true enough the hairstyle reminded me of the picture to the right.

Oh dear.

Later Alice started to feel it was a bit shorter than she wanted.

Oh dear. Looks like I fell off the tightrope this time...

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