Friday, 12 June 2009

Raindrops keep falling...

Pram trouble
It was sunny the other day - after a week of torrential rain. Getting ready to go out. I was having a bit of trouble arranging the cover of the pram. It wasn't moving properly. On closer inspection there was a big bow/dent in the metal frame.

I went through a few seconds of internal chuntering about who'd done this and when. I could think of when Alice might've been sat on it... I straightened it out as best I could then we set off. After dropping Alice off at nursery it came to me...

The previous week had been very rainy. Glorious sunshine on the Monday followed by incessant rain every day afterwards. On of those weeks when I discover my waterproof jacket needs re-waterproofing!

Disappearing Pram
Emily was eager to get out into the rain - she had her rain gear on so why not?

SlugImage by Marj Joly via Flickr

Some different bits of wildlife come into show when it's raining.

She was inspecting big juicy slugs. She's still at the age where taste is a big part of the inspection routine, so I was having to keep a close eye on the poor slug.

In the course of a cross-path detour to inspect something Emily fell over - almost theatrically. I could hear from the cry that it hurt so rushed over.

After a little while everything was ok and we could carry on. But wait! The pram was gone and no where to be seen. Ooops. We were, of course, on a slope - quite a steep one!

A bit down the slope I caught sight of it - off through the undergrowth and planted against a tree. It looks like it came down at quite a pace, continuing off-road for a bit - in a pleasingly straight line - wheels in good balance. A bit of a bruise on the tree and the bent hood frame on the pram.

Lesson learnt: Always apply the brake on a slope!

At the bottom of the slope we continued our exploring...

Emily discovers puddles!

Yes, another puddle that couldn't escape investigation.

It was on one of these days that Emily was out exploring in her rain gear - inherited from Alice. Slightly big and with new wellingtons that are maybe a touch on the large side. So, walking can be tricky...

Well the investigation of puddles started tenatively. A few delicate steps into the puddle - ah, you can stand in these things! A few more steps and out the other side. Turnaround and let's do that again...

This went on for a few goes until she was taking run-ups at the puddles! After a bit of this the slighty-oversized wellingtons decided to join in the fun - splash! Yes, I had a prostrate daughter in a puddle with a dislodged welly - and she wasn't happy about it.

Dad to rescue - Emily suitably tired, wet and happy.

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