Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Flowers for Mamma, Pappa & Emily

Yesterday was another day at home for Alice. She had a sore throat and there was no need for me to send her to nursery.

I did have big plans about going off to an electronics store looking for a DVD player, but that got vetoed. Alice wanted to go play in a park. If Emily could speak in sentences she would no doubt agree. Fair enough, park it is.

But now the morning preparations had dragged on so we decided to start off with lunch. Off to MacD's for some lunch including ice cream - yeah, my browny points are rising! Even though Emily didn't eat so much she still managed to do a little bit of artwork with the food - I anticipated this and covered her and the surrounding area in plastic bibs...

After lunch we headed off to a park - one that we don't visit so often. We had a good couple of hours there - it took a while to get there as Emily was keen to walk and explore on the way.

The park - called "The Big Boat Park" by the kids - has a big range of different equipment - swings, slides, climbing frames, plank-walks and sandpits for both the younger and older children. Alice took the opportunity to rest (we'd been telling her she needed to rest to get better) on a lie-down swing - happily sitting there eating an apple for 20 minutes.

On the way back Alice picked some flowers - for mamma, pappa and a little one for Emily.

At this time of year, midsummer, picking flowers is something everyone does - whether it's for the majstång, some other midsummer ritual or just decoration.

Emily saw them and wanted to have a look. We know that Emily's investigations of flowers can be a little destructive (and Alice knows this too), so Alice was reluctant.

However, Alice didn't want to carry them the whole way home so they got put into the pram - in the carriage under the seat. Well, Emily obviously didn't forget about them and leaned over. It was too late before I saw that she'd got them.

I suppose there's something about having what you're not allowed to have...

There was no point trying to get them back without starting a struggle and risking some sort of fall out between sisters...

The rest of the journey home was spent with me trying to shade Emily from Alice - so Alice didn't what she had - a couple of slowly dismembered flowers. I managed to get rid of the discarded petals without being seen.

When all evidence was disposed of I lifted the pram hood back to usual height - there was Emily with pollen on her cheeks...

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