Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Plums and Locks of Hair

Today Alice was at home, so we had a long breakfast. Part of it being fruit - and plums in particular. Both her and Emily had had one for breakf

plum stoneImage by aesop via Flickr

ast and Alice took another.

Breakfast TV is quite absorbing for Alice. Sometimes she can almost go into a trance watching it, not really paying attention to what's happening around or being said.

Well, I think this must've been the case...

Then came the news. The plum stone had been swallowed. Oops. Trying to hide slightly shocked looks we asked if it went down whole or in bits. Whole.

Well they weren't huge plums, but I guess we'll have to listen out for any screams from the bathroom over the next day or so...

Later in the day when we were eating plums again Alice asked for them halved and de-stoned!

In the afternoon whilst I was preparing tea, Alice and Emily were playing together in Alice's room. Then in comes Alice - both hands behind her back - wanting me to open the door to for the rubbish bin. I do so and out comes a hand with a clump of hair in it.

Me: "Where did that come from?"
Alice: "I found it on the floor."

I see the other hand holding a pair of scissors! Then in comes Emily. Yes, of course I'm getting suspicious.

I began secretly examining both Alice's and Emily's hair for any patches missing. Emily's looked a bit strange in one area - but it could also be food she's rubbed in there from a previous snack!

Well, Alice was probably telling the truth - that she found in on the floor - but whether it was a result of discovery or haircutting I can't tell...

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