Monday, 8 June 2009

Charlie bit me!

New tooth time!

Emily has a new tooth (molar) coming through - one on each side at the bottom now. We get to know about new teeth in a couple of different ways.
  • Catch a glimpse of one when Emily is laughing.
  • Feel something different as she is gnawing on your arm, finger or leg (obviously wanting to try it out!)
Well, mum had seen a new one. So that's how I knew even if I hadn't seen it.

I was sat with Alice and Emily and we'd been joking about teeth which reminded me of the new tooth. I wanted to have a look.

In went a finger. Emily was game, giving it a gentle playful nibble. But when it had been there a bit more than she wanted I got a harder nip. Ouch! And we all laughed about it.

Well, then Alice wanted to feel the new tooth. In went the finger and she too got a little nip. But kids like to (or need to) repeat things. So Alice did the same thing a couple of more times.

Emily enjoyed the game, but had obviously got bored or just wanted to take it to a new level - transforming into mini-rottweiler. Holding on and bring tears to Alice.

End of game.

I couldn't help being reminded about the famous video of the similar playful game - here!

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