Monday, 29 June 2009


Last weekend we were away in the country for midsummer. We squeezed in most of the traditions - collection of midsummer flowers, midsummer celebration and biting insects!


Emily is getting more used to water games. She was dying to get into the lake, cold as it was - of course, she got her way. So we set up a little water for her on the grass closer to the house - a bath tub filled with lukewarm water.

Her hands were straight in there for a bit of splashing. Quickly followed by the rest of her - fully clothed. She was happy to sit there - in the sunshine fully clothed.

It's amazing how much water nappies absorb - when it came off it had grown to 5 times the size and weighed quite an amount!


It wasn't too bad for biting insects. Emily got a couple of bites without any big reaction. Alice got a few around the midriff which started swelling and we tackled with balsam.

I had a couple - one on the arm that swelled up giving me a new temporary muscle. Then one on the bum - a mozzie had hidden in the toilet - again a swelled-up reaction...

I seem to react the worst to mosquito, horse fly and gnat bites in the family (it gets

{{Potd/2005-02-1 (en)}}Image via Wikipedia

me quite irritated too - another strong reaction.)

There is a suggestion that I'm comparable with the fete of the Iceland horse. -->

The Iceland horses that are brought to Sweden suffer badly from the climate (too warm?) But the ones that are born here do much better. So maybe that's why I'm the odd one out in the family.

My bites were near the elbow and the bum. So I guess I now know the difference between the 2 after all these year ;-)

Swellings have faided now, but I have a sense of solidarity with the Iceland horse...

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