Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bling-Bling for the tooth fairy

Last Friday (17 April).

Out and about after dropping Alice off at dagis (nursery). A lovely sunny day. Emily is quite chatty today. I notice that her smile is more sparkly than usual - not easy when she only has a few teeth!
What can it be?

I have to stop and take a closer look. Emily's quite happy to let me have a look - thinks it's some sort of game sticking fingers into each others mouth. Now it's her turn - so my inspection is interrupted whilst she has a look in my mouth...

Yes, it's a silver sequin lodged between the tooth and gum of the front bottom tooth. Looks like it's more than half-way down. I'm getting a nice view every time she smiles or laughs - quite often.

Of course, it won't budge...

Just think that people pay good money for dental cosmetic add-ons and here Emily has sorted it out for herself. 

Well, after a bit of fretting and phone calls to dental folk it gets extracted a couple of days later - mum to the rescue with spoon and half the cutlery draw - no harm done. 

I'm glad to have Emily's lovely, even though slightly less glittery, smile back to normal.

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