Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Public Performer

On Saturday Alice had her last lesson in the term at theatre school - a way for the kids to express themselves. Alice seems to be a natural performer - whether in class or not, and she'll jump at any opportunity to be on stage. This willingness to perform outside class continued on Saturday...

After drama class we had a long day out - playground, lunch, shoe/hat shopping, museum and restaurant.

By early evening we were sat outside an Indian restaurant in the evening sun. Alice was playing on the path and chatting to passers-by. 

A couple of likely-looking fellows came along. Both were a little inebriated, had "all-weather-suntans" and were carrying violin cases. They were either musicians down on their luck or very badly dressed mafia members! 

Well, you don't have an appearance and accessories like that and get ignored by Alice!

Alice got talking to them - somewhere along the line Pippi was mentioned. Before you knew it she asked what was in the cases and if they could play something. 

So, there we were - sitting outside the restuarant and were entertained by a small impromptu performance of Pippi's theme tune on the violin accompanied by dancing from Alice.

This was rewarded with a small round of applause from the restaurant guests - Alice taking the bows (whether or not all the applause was for her). 

An encore was performed:- the rövarnas visa (accompanied by Alice's dancing), more applause.

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