Thursday, 23 April 2009

Obsession with Skånska (part 1)


For the non-Swedish speakers in the audience.... Skåne is a large county in the southern tip of Sweden (where Brannagh's Wallander was set & filmed.) Skånska is the dialect of Swedish spoken there (can be quite difficult to understand for a non-Skåne person) - maybe similar to a Frenhman trying to understand a drunk Glaswegian reading Shakespeare!

Skånska in practice

Alice has a teacher from Skåne (very nice and not with a broad accent), so skånska plays a part in Alice's language education...

It all started with a pre-meal rhyme (Food on the table, hands on yer knees, bon appetite - I'm para-phrasing) said at nursery. Alice brought this home to our meal times - with a distinctive skånska pronunciation - just for the rhyme, not for general speech.

Well, skånska to pre-meal is ok, isn't it?

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