Sunday, 26 April 2009

Language development of the little head-banger

Language Repetoire

Language development is very interesting. There's always a distinction between what the child/baby is saying and what the parent thinks they're trying to say.

Emily's vocabulary was extended about a week ago. She added "där"/"there" to her repertoire (which includes mamma, pappa and nej/no.) She uses the new word (accompanied by pointing into the air) when asked "Where is mamma/pappa/Alice/the light?" So, she gets the action right for the lamp!


You can read meaning into what Emily is saying - with a pinch of coincidence and chance. It might be that she's saying "kolla" ("check this out") when pointing at something new or unusual - that's possibly a bit of chance. 

However, the way she say's "mamma" as though to mean "oh, mum, what're you doing now?" in a very teenager tone has got to be a case for how we interpret it. But I like to think it's real.

Little headbanger?

Emily has many ways of catching attention - she has got big sister to compete with after all. One thing that's cropped up recently is that she walks into you with her forehead. Not so unusual you might think. 

Today she took it one step further - walking into a closed door with her forehead. The thud and look of pain when she turned around was all very real, but it did the trick - it stopped us talking and she got our full attention!

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