Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Truth Hurts!

You have to be careful what you say in front of 4-5 year-olds!

Recently we'd made a comment about a neighbours driving - they were using the car bumpers "liberally" to get out of a parking space.

Well a couple of weeks later mum, Alice and Emily met the neighbour in the street. It's always a friendly chat about things going on in the neighbourhood and how Alice and Emily are getting on at nursery.

However, today Alice a question in mind: "Why are you so bad at parking?"

Now it was time for mum to pay close attention to something Emily was doing and let Alice handle that conversation herself... In good humour the neighbour accepted the observations and everyone are still friends!

But now we know we have to be extra careful what we're saying in front of Alice!

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  1. Oh this is sooo funny. I'm really dreading the day this happens to me as I'm sure it will and soon.