Friday, 6 November 2009

Confusing Animals

The other day we saw a neighbour who was out walking the dog. A big dog. We went over the talk and for Alice to pat the dog. In the meantime Emily kept saying, "Meow."

C for Camel
Image by jACK TWO via Flickr

Alice likes camels. She's ridden them on two different occasions - the two-humped variety (Bactarian?) This is very handy for kids - they slot nicely between the humps as a type of protection - sort of ready-made air-bags!

She also likes zebras - because they're stripy. Emily gets zebras correct - making a neighing sound. But Alice confuses zebras and camels - just at the moment if you show her a zebra she'll call it a camel.

Latest addition to the vocabulary for Alice: Optopus

All this confusion is probably not helped by learning them in two languages!

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