Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Alice has now got into the age where she's interested in the "traditions" associated with halloween.

It started a couple of weeks ago when the big pumpkins started appearing in the shops. "Can we get one..." We'd never carved a pumpkin but thought "why not".

When I was little we carved out swedes - but that's another story...

On Friday Bollibompa (kids tv program) did a special on pumpkin carving, pies, halloween etc. Alice spotted two recipes on there and re-told them about how to make pumpkin crisps and roast the pumpkin seeds - sprinkle with salt and oil and put in the oven. I was impressed by the attention to detail...

Then there was the trick-or-treat requests...

So we bought a pumpkin the weekend before without really knowing what to do with it. A bit of "interwebbing" gave a few tips - one being about how to stop it drying out. We didn't have anything for that so we delayed the carving - which was a good tip.

Mum did the carving out on Friday evening. A good job to produce a suitably spooky look:

Kiss or Treat
Alice wanted to go trick-or-treating. I think this was something being discussed by the kids at nursery.

In swedish "trick or treat" is "Buss eller Godis" - literally "Trick or sweets". Alice had misheard this or mis-pronounced this as "Puss eller godis" - literally "Kiss or Sweets" - which sounded much funnier...

Anyway, there had been a lot of requests from Alice to do this and neither me or mum were very keen on doing this - too tired after a full day on Saturday.

Just as the discussion had finished there was a knock on the door. Two nursery friends and a mum were trick-or-treating and wanted to see if Alice would join in.


Well I've never seen her do a change of clothes so quickly. Within seconds a sleeping beauty dress was on (to match the other two girls) and she was ready for the off.

About an hour later a very happy girl returned with a load of sweets! A happy ending to the day.

Tired Pumpkin

The pumpkin dried out within a couple of days and started looking tired (or maybe more angry):-

Until next year...

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