Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Swedish Father's Day

No not a day only for Swedish fathers, but a "father's day" in Sweden.

This year it was in danger of going by unnoticed - I didn't do any prompting (partly because it wasn't marked in the calendar.)

The adverts surfaced a few days before and then on Saturday mum and Alice where going out "shopping" - mainly for sweets for Alice. But before going Alice asked my what I wanted for father's day. I said I didn't or mind.

Then Alice saw "an opportunity and she took it" (a la "Flushed Away")

A: Would you like an animal?
Me: What sort of animal?

A: A cat maybe?
Me: No (laughing)

A: A dog then?
Me: No

A: Mmm, maybe a horse?
Me: ha ha ha

So, the mind-washing continues!

Alice really wants a cat (or a dog, or anything big enough to survive a lot of clapping and hugging...) She doesn't miss an opportunity - but now she's making it look like it's something for me! What a mind for a soon-to-be-5yro!

Well fathers day arrived and in trooped mum and the kids to wake me up with a song - except there is no father's day song - so Alice was singing "happy birthday" in Swedish!

I got a really nice handmade ghost from Alice, a comb(!) a very nice cream-and-rhubarb-and-banana home-made cake and a card that Alice picked:-

O, the brain-washing continues!!!! Drip, drip, drip,...

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