Sunday, 1 November 2009

Joke Telling

Alice told a joke the other day, which I thought was really impressive.

It was one she'd heard on kids tv, but it illustrated a few development points.

  • Being able to remember a story
  • Re-tell a story in a funny way - building-up to the punchline
  • Demonstrating a sense of humour

It make me chuckle. What was the joke?

If was a Bellman joke:
A Frenchman, Russian and Bellman were on a farm and wanted to see how long they could be in with the pigs.
The Frenchman went into a pig sty and came out after a couple of minutes, "Aw, the pig farted on me!"
Next the Russian went in, but came out after 10 minutes, "Aw, the pig farted on me!"
Then it was Bellman's turn. He went into the pig sty. After 2 hours the pig came out, "Aw, Bellman farted on me!"

Ha, ha...

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