Sunday, 18 October 2009

The Pippi Obsession!

Emily's latest obsession is Pippi Långstrump (longstocking).

Any Pippi mention or sighting usually triggers it - she will start bouncy up and down and saying "pippi" - this means she wants you to sing Pippi's song. The singing has to happen and then she bounces up and down in time to the song.

She has one item of Pippi clothing (a top) and two pippi dolls (inheritted from Alice) - there are several Pippi DVD's and a couple of books that can also trigger the demand for singing.

Well the Pippi top is a favourite item of clothing and when she's at nursery she'll apparently walk around pointing to the pippi picture on her top saying, "pippi."

This is a trick because people responding to this and maybe even (foolishly) singing are going to get a lot of visits from Emily!

One of the staff said the other day that she'd had to sing the song more than 20 times - when Emily had the top on. One of the other staff brought a pippi doll in for Emily - so now she has a prop and a prompt for when she's not wearing the pippi top. She also mentioned (jokingly) that she'd be glad when the top was too dirty to be worn.

Well, this weekend we've added to the obsession and potential torment. Emily has now got some pippi tights, 2 more pippi tops and a pair of pippi gloves. Can't wait to see the faces of the staff at nursery!

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