Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Ah yes, I'd almost forgotten to write this story! But I have to finish it...

It was the end of November, a dark day in a dark month - not much daylight. Everyone was sluggish getting out of bed and ready for nursery and work. I'd overslept and the kids had overslept and it was an "activity" day for both Alice and Emily at nursery. This means they need to be there at a set time to begin some group activity.

Well, I was struggling to get Alice awake and out of bed. She finally began to wake up and I returned to the kitchen to finish breakfast with Emily.

Up Alice popped and locked herself in the bathroom. Nothing so surprising there.

But when she came out it was like an assault on the nostrils. Now I was awake!

Yes, she'd gone through the cabinets and decided to try on the perfume - I don't if it was the amount or mixture that caught me offguard, but it had an effect!

PerfumesImage by ozgurmulazimoglu via Flickr

Well, no time to waste a quick breakfast and then out to nursery.

I explained to the teachers about the experimentation - it didn't seem to be any surprise to them (I don't know if it was Alice or the perfume-trying behaviour that was unsurprising...)

Well, they took it in their stride and the day began.

After leaving Emily I then went to work.

That evening Alice returned home in a complete change of clothes. It turned out that one of the teachers had an asthma sensitivity and they thought the "stink" was likely to bring on some attack. So Alice was stripped and showered down and the clothes were wrapped in a plastic bag...

Hmm, so much for perfume experimentation. No harm done (to anyone) in the end and Alice has learnt to not pile on the perfume before going to nursery...

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