Sunday, 24 January 2010

First fall of the season!

During the Christmas break Alice got a new pair of ice skates. We were out one day trying them at a local sports ground. Unfortunately, the temperature that day was -12c and not conducive to good moods all round.

So Alice's first time on skates this season was a miserable affair from her point of view! Not-quite-standing-up was about the limit of achievement that day. It didn't help that the ice wasn't so good either - even yours truly had trouble standing up in my långfärdskriskor!

Well last week we managed to coax Alice out onto one of the nearby frozen lakes - we all had our skates and a little sledge for Emily. We were on the ice for about 90 minutes and Alice was "walking" in her skates unaided. A real big step forward

So, on to this weekend. This time we were better planned for heading out onto the lake. Thermos with hot chocolate, sandwhiches, chocolate bar and raissons - lots of sugar to keep moral up. We also took the pushchair for Emily.

Emily sat in the pushchair and soon fell asleep. This was my cue to skate off around the lake with her - about a 3.5km circuit. In the meantime Alice and mum could have a little more practice time in an area set aside in the middle of the lake.

Boy was I tired when I got back - tricky getting up good momentum to push the pushchair and see the cracks in the ice to avoid in time. But I got back without incident - tired and sweaty after what seemed like an age!

Then it was mums turn to do a lap of the lake - just with poles - and looking a lot more professional.

In the meantime Alice had managed to get going - now propelling herself forward with one foot. A huge difference from a couple of weeks ago. We were joking that it wouldn't be long before she was better than me - something that triggered constant questioning "Am I better than you yet?" It won't take long at that rate of improvement!

What was really great to see was that Alice had a really great attitude - falling a lot (which is half the fun for her) and not getting about as quickly as she'd like - but not getting frustrated and just persevering - and boy was it paying off.

Just as we were cheering mums return she decided to start the competition for best fall! She fell in what can only be described as an imitation of a Mexican cliff diver executing a wonderful swallow-dive!

Well her return was my trigger to do another lap - before the sweat on my back turned to ice. I got up onto tired legs and set off - soon registering my own competition entry for best fall - a cross between Robin Cousins and CoCo the clown!

I knew it was a good fall as it started Alice laughing. It also registered more questions from passers-by asking if I was alright - so I think I won round one of the spectacular fall competition!

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