Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Animal Protection!

It was bedtime. The whole getting-ready-for-bed routine was in full flow.

This not only means brushing teeth, pyjamas and bed preparation, but also that Alice and Emily are expending as much energy as possible before they need to settle down for bed!

So Alice and Emily were jumping on and off the bed when I heard a shout. Alice ran into the kitchen to get a cup and a piece of kitchen towel shouting, "Don't hurt it, we must catch it!"

Hmm, ok, everything's under control, no need to panic!

Then a couple of minutes later she returns with the cup and paper over the top. Inside the cup is a small ladybird type thing and Alice is adamant that we can't harm it.

She wants to let it go outside. I look at the thermometer on the kitchen window and the temperature outside is currently -15.8c. Hmm, it's a bit cold. What about the balcony...

The little fella is released on the balcony with some of the plants that are struggling through the winter (about -10c there right now). See you in the spring buddy.

Alice was happy though and said that we'd found him a new home with the plants and that "it was cosy" for it!

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