Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pillow Case done!

Emily is currently going through her familiarisation (in-schooling) with dagis (nursery) and today she will sleep there for the first time (maybe!)

All the kids have personalized pillows/pillow covers and so we made one for Emily. When Alice was sleeping at dagis her pillow cover was of Mumin Mamma, here. Emily also likes mumin - and Pippi (långstrump/longstocking) and Upsy Daisy.

In the end I went for Upsy Daisy:-

She's had it at home for a few days now - calling it 'Daisy'. I'm waiting to see how it goes today - on standby in case I need to go in.

Nervous Kids
The dagis has some blueprints on the walls from when the building was put up in the 40's. The blueprint shows different rooms for the children, a kitchen, bathroom and store rooms.

However, it was another room that caught my eye - a separate room marked on the plans as being for "nervous children"!

I've seen a couple of candidates for that title in the past - but they're cared for differently these days!

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