Thursday, 13 August 2009

"There's your pram!"

A couple of weeks ago we had an outing to Döda Fallet (the dead falls) to see an outdoor performance of children's tales.

The performance (from a local am-dram group) included several classic tales as well as some new ones:

Little Red Riding Hood, Goldilocks, The Three Little Pigs, The Boy and the Trolls, The Gruffalo (pictured), Gnällmåns and The Gruffalo's Child.

Döda fallet
The döda fallet is a site of natural wonder but also has an open-air theatre, with a unique feature in Sweden that we were to discover later....

It was about a 90 minute drive by some of the smaller roads in the area - rain and drizzle all the way - not boding well for an open-air performance. But, by the time we got there most of the rain had blown over and the sun was creeping out.

A bite to eat then off to find where to sit. We had Emily in a pram when we got to the seating platform. So we parked the pram next to the platform and then walked up the stairs to look for some seats - a lot of people were there.

Small World
Part way up we spotted Marlon, a nursery friend of Alice, up near the back. We made our way there - Alice now leading the way - surprised to meet him in the middle of "nowhere", 560km from their nursery!

We sat by Marlon (and his grandparents) and so they were both happy.

Scene Re-Arrangement
A few minutes before the start someone came along and moved the pram. From the base of the platform to behind a prop of a castle. Strange? Were they short of a prop for the tale????

Then we were off. The narrator came on and the performance started. Off to the first tale - literally! The whole seating platform revolved to the first stage scene. Yes, it was the only revolving auditorium in Sweden. That explained the pram being moved!

Marlon, like Alice, is a bit of a character.

The piece of stage scene didn't hide the pram completely (pictured) - or it had been moved so that the actors could move behind it. But now the pram was part of the performance.

Whenever we revolved to the scene where the pram was Marlon would shout out, "There's your pram!" Again and again.

At the interval we wondered about moving the pram, but no - it was now part of the scenery!

Journey Back
We took a different route for the journey back, driving along the Indalsälven - just like driving through the Alps!

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