Wednesday, 5 August 2009

June-July Developments

Emily passed the 17 month mark a couple of weeks ago and it's a good time to look at what's new.

Her imitation skills have developed.

She has a witches cackle now - courtesy of Alice. I'm not sure where this laugh originated for Alice but Emily is now doing it.

She occasionally imitates other types of laugh and sources of exasperation (courtesy of big sister.)

Nappies. Recently when she's filled a nappy she has started taking them off. This leads to a couple of interesting situations - usually one parent holding her at arms length and shouting for help.

She is very good at putting the right shoe on each foot without help - but also has a very good knack of losing/hiding one of the shoes - so this skill can't always be demonstrated.

She can almost say Alice - although it sometimes sounds similar to "alla" or "lala".

"Bajs" & "All gone" are slipping into the vernacular. If she doesn't say "all gone" she usually just stands up in her chair with a "Come and get me, I've finished eating" look.

Nodding & Head-Shaking
Sometimes this is uncannily in-synch with the conversation - usually the right response to the question - "do you want some ...?", " do you want anymore?", "have you finished?" etc, etc.

Although the other day when I gave her a choice between two things to eat she nodded at both - but then sometimes she does have a good apetite!

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