Monday, 17 May 2010


The other week I'd been taking the kids and picking them up from nursery a lot. Thursday we were going to be home-alone as mum was working late and wouldn't be home before the kids were in bed.

So I'd primed them that we'd maybe do something a little different after I collected them - maybe a "surprise".
Of course, Alice was asking what this going to be - I said we'd talk about it when we came out of dagis - otherwise it would be a session of Alice telling all the other kids what we were going to do - then it would take a lot longer to get out.

Anyway, after we'd got out of dagis I asked Alice and Emily if they wanted to go eat a hamburger and maybe have an ice cream (even though it wasn't ice cream day!)

Reality check
Alice asked, "Is that the surprise?"
Me, "Er, yes. Is it ok?"
Alice, "Yes."

As we were driving Alice said that, "Going out for a hamburger isn't really a surprise pappa". "Ok, what is then?", "Maybe a cat or a dog would a surprise, or a few small animals."

Aha, back to the favourite topic of requests!

We successfully ate hamburgers but they had no ice cream. Then I had a brainwave. "Why don't we take the car for a wash and eat ice cream whilst we sit in the car wash?" Alice has always liked the car wash and Emily would be fascinated.

"Well, ok, but we have to buy the ice cream first!". "Deal."

So off we went to buy ice cream and sit in a car wash. There we were, sat in the car wash eating ice cream. t started off gently - then the big brushes came into view. This upset Emily - she wasn't happy - crying, ice cream flying about and we were stuck inside a carwash.

An extra long car wash!

The sales assistant had offered a discount on the luxury wash - so I got the longer wash - thought it was a good idea to give the car a really good clean after a long winter. The best ideas of mice and men....

Emily finally calmed down and we got out of there. The car was very clean on the outside.

Shame about the inside.....

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