Thursday, 16 July 2009

"I'm looking at the big mouse."

Kids are small. They don't have perspective sorted out.

Recently when we visited Kolmården, a wild-life park, we were looking at all sorts of animals. Alice got to ride on a camel, see a dolphin show, do a bungy-trampoline thing and go on a rollercoaster. There were plenty of memorable incidents, but one that comes to mind was soon after riding the camel.

Alice was away at a compound looking on intently. I approached and asked what she was looking at. "I'm looking at the big mouse."

Photo of a Capybara, formatted (and sized) as ...Image via Wikipedia

Yes, this was the sort of mouse that you'd struggle lifting up with both arms. It was a capybara...

Hopefully, perspective develops a bit - otherwise I'm very scared about the types of cats and dogs she wants as a pet!

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